Start of an age

A beginning

Our Adventure started, it was Aiden and Sarel investigating the murder of their families when they arrive in Amaranthine. Orophin waited for them by the gate, receiving a letter from his cousin Sarel. Our adventurers head into town and start asking questions,they meet a drunken dwarf named Godrik, he and his brother were merchants when the thieves fell upon them slaughtering everyone in their group and killing Godrik’s brother Duggen. He has been drunk for about two days now.
They head to the docks and Orophin sneaks onto every ship, stealing equipment from the Antivians and Orleasians.

short sword 1 1d63
magus cowl mana 2
dagger +1 1d6
Helm of the Eagle +1 Communication(leadership) +1 Willpower(courage)

They stir up the Ire of the thieves and are attacked in the night, knocking the man out for questioning, they remember the drunken dwarf downstairs still currently drinking.
Godrik follows Orophin up to their room but upon seeing the thief he buries his axe into the culprits heads thereby rendering any questioning useless.
Godrik however does inform them they these men are not the murderers they followed from Denerim but they are Avvarian Raiders, who have been attacking any merchant in the area without discrimination.

Godrik informs the party he knows of the area where they retreated to but dared not attack by himself, he asks the party to accompanying him to the hideout to which the players agree.

They leave Amaranthine and head south east to the rivermouth of the Drakkon river and find a network of passages. They scout each passage and instead of avoiding any fights they dispatched the patrols so as not to be flanked later. Drunken Godrik turns out to be a invaluable asset with his plate mail. The party gets through the passages to a cleft in the hillside leading up to a single cave.


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Into the darkness

Session 2 starts with our players approaching the cave entrance they come across a Dalish Elf crouched over a bloody woman.

After a conversation and sorting the facts the elf is name Dorrien and he also was seeking revenge after tracking the Avvarian raiders from the Brecilian forest after they raider and killed his whole clan. He seeks to avenge them and reclaim whatever he can from their treasures.

The woman is healed and restored and upon waking she is a frightened woman named Cindantra Ellios.
Orophin volunteers to escort her back to Amaranthine using his skills in scouting to get them back safely.

Dorrien joins the party and they proceed to the cave entrance. Upon inspecting they find a spike trap and Sarel disarms using a swing of his axe. Unfortunately the noise alerts the raiders inside.

Dorrien quickly fashions a trip wire and sets it to the mouth of the cave and the battle ensues.
A few of the raiders are tripped up, a Mabari hound and a few more make it over the wire. The bandit leader slices through the tripwire and a hard fight is at hand.

They search the cave, one chest was unlocked and they found a key for the second in a torch.

3 Lesser healing potions
5 swift missles
2 glowstones
They find a map of trade routes and shortcuts through the eastern part of Ferelden
I think Sarel got a 2 handed axe from the bandit leader
Also from the fight before with the patrol, Aiden received a bird whistle that summons a falcon, but with no training he cannot use it

The party heads back to Amaranthine and come across a merchant named Ted Rammie (cough cough) he hires the party to escort him back to the city and they accept.
He chats them up and they see his wares, he had a selection of books and Aiden recognizes a book his adopted mother was deciphering when she was killed, the cipher was missing though.

Upon returning they meet a Templar simply name Draken, he had heard rumors of an apostate (Aiden) in the area and he was investigated on the authority of the chantry. The players played it cool and he suspected nothing. He did inform them that the port was shut down for an investigation of the Antivian and Orleasian ships, both were stolen from and upon blaming each other a bloody fight broke out, the ships were inspected and it was discovered that the Orleasians were intending to sell lyrim they’ve aquired through unknown means.
The Antivians were discovered to be Crows, the assassins, intended for Highever for a purpose that wasn’t discovered.

They enter town, re equip and stay the night.

Godrik bids them farewell as now that he is finally sober he stays on with Ted’s merchant caravan as they prepare to leave for Highever.
Aiden Catches the falcon to prepare to train it but still doesn’t have the skill necessary to complete it.

They decide to leave and return to denerim.

They do not check up or even locate Orophin so we do not know how he is.

The Players take a route from the map and shave half a day off their journey, on the first night they are assaulted by a black bear, it is killed and Dorrien skins it and takes it with them.

On the second evening they players came to a clearing in the forest where they discover an Genlock leading 4 Ghouls they players ambush and defeat the enemy.

They make it to Denerim and stay at the Noble Inn.


The plot thickens

April 27th

Our adventures awake in the Inn to find Orophin rejoined them in the night. The woman Cindantra was the daughter of a Bann Gregor Ellios he traveled south from Amaranthine to their city where he was awarded gold, favor and a young dog he quickly named Orophin Jr (Orjew).

While the conversation went on they were approached by a Avvarian Fighter named Karl Wulfson. He left his clan, not agreeing with their thieving ways to find the life of adventure his grandfather before him had discovered before settling down.

Just before leaving Sarel is stopped by another Elf pit figther named Arnfrid, he tells Sarel he’s left the figther life to become a merc for Wim (runs the pit fights) and offers him a job, Sarel counters to try and bring Arn into the group to which he declines.

The Party left and investigated the town, discovering that during the fire that killed both Sarel and Aiden’s families, the whole area was looted by many and a lot of items were sold off through the back alleyways.

Upon entering the rebuilt Alienage Aiden comes across a female elf arguing with her family to leave the Alienage. Upon talking to her she reveals herself as Liandren Ellwood, a rogue/scout for her Dalish clan, for reasons she hasn’t revealed yet her whole clan came up and moved into the Alienage after it was rebuilt. Liandren was wary of Aiden’s human nature but, Ryian (the Alienage’s elder and mayor) vouched for him gaining her trust. Let down by the abandonment of her people, she joins the group.

Through many means of investigation our party heads to The Pearl and to contact Jasmine (stripper Lilly) who has many seedy contacts. They arrive to find a surly dwarf tossed out into the mud for touching one of the girls. His name is Stendar and he joins the party strictly to try and get back in and cause a ruckus.

Instead of just BRIBING the guards our party comes up with an elaborate scheme of.

Aiden, Liandren and Sarel start the fight/misdirection to steal some money and get in.
Liandren asks how to join to be a whore.
Karl walks right in and scopes the place out.
Orophin pays 2gp to sleep with two different whores (Orjew is in the room with them).
Stendar waits outside.
Dorrien passes some feats of strength and climbs the building next door, sneaks across the roof and while Orophin is having sex he spots a red headed woman in the next room, he dives through the window and reveals himself, Jasmine says she is in danger and after a whole bunch more of nonsense the inside party moves to follow Jasmine.

Outside Stendar gets impatient and heads down a side alley and is knocked out. Aiden and Sarel head back out front and move to the alleys. They find Stendar in a pile of trash and at the same time Jasmine leads the party out of a semi hidden back door and they are ambushed by a group of Rogues led by Kattrin, Jasmine also rogues up and a battle is underway.

Sparing Jasmine and Kattrin the party question them, Kattrin, under some spell or pill appears to have died frothing at the mouth (she mutters “the water wolf will drown all of Theadus in blood”) while under a bit of torture Jasmine reveals nothing and they left her go. Kattrin was carrying an invoice for goods and a thank you letter with a Crest of a Wolf with three waves above it.

The party splits off, Orophin tails lilly and the rest of the party head back to Inn to restock and recoup. But as it turned out that’s where Lilly went, she made a quick cut through the building to a back alley where the party loses her. Coming back in they spot a circle mage and a few surly groups and begin to question them all, Karl approaches the mage Dimitri and upon discussion he has been studying noble houses tracing back hundreds of years, he may be able to help them, the Bann Lockwood has commissioned him and let him use his personal library while he’s in town. He offers the party passage to the manor to see if they can find answers after swearing an Oath to Karl.

The party arrives at the manor and meets Lockwood who seems friendly enough, but quickly turncoat and Jasmine appears at the top of staircase who then reveals Dimitri as her accomplice (much to Karl’s dismay) and Dimitri reveals himself as a blood mage turning all the nearby guard into abominations. Enter the big bad fight where Dimitri falls back to the back to another area and Jasmine is killed in combat and all the abominations are defeated.


Tearing Denerim to Pieces

When we left our adventurers, they had just been betrayed by Dimitri and Bann Henry Lockwood, and a battle ensued against Dimitri’s blood magic, ABOMINATIONS! (cue Awaken by Dethklok)

After our heroes were victories, Orophin decided he was going exploring on his own and took off, they then looted the bodies and explored the keep before heading out into an obvious trap, but like the Jedi say “Now we spring the trap”.

The Mercenary Arnfried then chose to reveal himself, telling Sarel how he was one of the looters from the Alienage fire, then flinging a pendant down the steps to Sarel’s feet. It was the locket he gave his wife Krandel on their marriage day. Then also fled back through the doors.

Dorrien and Liandren, cut through a side passage and looted and explored the kitchens, the others ran headfirst into conflict.

Lockwood in full armor, his son Gordan Ramsey Lockwood and a weakened Dimitri. Also Kattrin the rogue was back (after admitting she had Dimitri help her use a spell to appear in the death throws), and 4 Men at Arms.

An epic battle ensnared our party, our handy rogues came out behind to flank the battle and put the pressure on.

Dimitri too weak to continue fighting actually ran up to and grabbed hold of Gordan Ramsey and was about to use his blood to fuel his magic, Gordan broke his hold and actually jumped from the garden down to the streets below. Liandren then put an arrow through the neck of Henry Lockwood ending him.

Dimitri then had a streak of bad luck, his rock armor spell failed terribly and Karl Wulfson, breaking from the main group after receiving a mountain of punishment set upon him with the brutality that was all too normal to an Avvarian Hillsman.

Meanwhile the Dwarf, Stendar (now feeling hungover) and Sarel fought back to back forging an unlikely alliance taking out a few of the men at arms and Arny himself who fell under Stendar’s massive Axe.

Aiden took the role of healer, keeping Karl up after suffering massive trauma from two guards and a host of bolts from Kattrin.

The battle had started to die down and Karl had Dimitri where he wanted him (even after taking a point blank flame blast to the chest) but was quickly laid bare when Kattrin got off a trick shot piercing Karl’s side and ending Dimitri’s life. In a rage Karl cut off Dimitri’s head and tossed it to the downed Kattrin after taking a pinning arrow from Dorrien.

Upon inspecting the bodies, Sarel took Arny’s massive Two handed sword, Aiden took Dimitri’s robes issued to him by the circle and also found the cipher in his bag (he seemed to be studying it) Liandren found a small purse with three coloured gemstones in it.

The party quickly questioned her to why the alienage was burned to the ground and what this “Water wolf” was after.

She explained that Lockwood was the money, financing everything going on but it was Dimitri himself who came directly to oversee the operation where they became lovers. Orders had come in via Raven to direct the shipments of all stolen goods from the Alienage.

The party argued as to either kill her or cut her legs off, cauterize the wounds and take her along. They chose to end her life and quickly headed for Lockwood’s office where the last of the goods were stored.

They arrived to find the safe emptied (Gordan Ramsey) and another jump out of the window, they party split to check things while Karl, Aiden, Sarel and Stendar, went out the window after him.

They arrived to find the stable empty but gave chase anyways, they party met back up at the bridge connecting the upper class to the market area, to witness Gorden Ramsey running a carrige out onto the bridge. And after Sarel botched an attempt to steal a horse and Aiden’s bloodlust coming over to the dark side, instructing the others to fire arrows at innocent people!!! And an attempt by Karl to bribe to locals in vain and getting two men killed, Gorden made the market and bust out through the gate.

Aiden and Karl ran to the stables and purchased two of the fastest horses, Windjammer and Fleucian, Gave chase after Aiden scooped Sarel up. They quickly found his westward path and went after him. Aiden giving way to let Sarel go after him they sped on.

After a few daring attempts to get on board, it resulted in Karl taking more punishment as he made a jump but then slipped off and fell, then caught back up but as he drew close, then took an arrow by a sentry hiding in the woods. Sarel went in after but the sentry made off, presumably meeting up and leaving with Lockwood.

The party met up and took off after Lockwood via the side path off the main road. This led to an intersection in the road, with night quickly approaching they then went north to find the small farming village of Thom, they went to the inn. after hearing of some trouble to the south, Stendar drinking with the locals, our Dalish companions hiding in the common room, due to their tattooed faces and Sarel eating some soup.

Aiden met Franklin an apostate like him, an eldar man, travelling and working the farms til settling in Thom some 20 years before, offered to train Aiden in primal spells if he comes to learn anything.

The party then retires for the night awaiting a trade caravan which shall arrive in the morning.


The Dalish Curse
The Broken Chain could destroy two cultures!

I’ll try to keep this as short and sweet as I can. This is the two sessions condensed into one entry.

We last left our party in the town of Thom. They were waiting for a merchant traveller to perhaps direct them in their investigation of the water wolf.

Upon arriving a full day late the merchants were carrying the unconscious body of a dalish boy who upon being awoken and calmed, revealed himself as Henrish, who was frantically looking for his sister Eshara.

The party realising this might not help them in their quest against this water wolf, they decide to help anyways and head off in the direction the Dalish Youth directed. Leaving Dorrien to catch up and Stendar nursing a hangover.

Upon half a days march they came to a farm, but upon approaching it were set upon by Blight Wolves, a quick battle easily turned in our heroes favor. Dorrien caught up upon the end of the fight.

Our party then searched the farm finding the remains of a family who was killed and torn apart. Searching outwards to a barn they then worked their way inside to find a body of a Dalish woman. Taking her back to the house and healing her wounds, she awoke to tell them her story.

Her clan came to the town of Vintiver during the harvest festival (a wine town), selling wares and performing, all was well until a fight broke out between the local blacksmith and a hunter named Harralan. The fight was stopped by the local Warden (sheriff) Tarl Dale. His pride wounded, Harralan spat curses and left for the forest. Since then both elves from the clan and people from Vintiver have gone missing. Her whole clan was eventually set upon during a night about a week prior to, everyone was taken, upon waking in a cell she saw abominations and was tortured almost continually trying to break her will. She had seen an alter with a broken link of a chain that the creatures almost feared and reverred. And whispers of a name……Mythallen.
Finally one night about 3 days before, her brother and her had managed to slip away while the dalish captives were being brought out for torture. They ran a full day while the blight wolves set upon them, nearing the farm she was separated from her brother Henrish and hid in the barn while the wolves tore through the establishment killing everyone.

The party then decided to make for Vintiver before night set upon them. They made it to the gates and Aiden and Karl brought out Warden Dale to explain all the facts they knew. Seeing reason and considering the mood of the townfolk to the Dalish, snuck our party inside the town and let them stay at the Sheriffs office while they made plans and preparations.

Eshara feeling better joins the party along with Tarl Dale and his deputy Arden Crest.

They sneak out from town during the morning light, and head to the remains of the Dalish camp. They find no real clues but are set upon by Revengers. When the fighting was over and upon searching the bodies of the revengers, our party found clothing remenants of both Dalish and Fereldan design.

They moved to a giant downed tree used as a makeshift bridge and when crossing it were set upon by Blood Crows. After a few harrowing moments our party formed a solid strategy and defeated the majority of the creatures.

The party travels farther north and discover the crypt Eshara escaped from. Moving in and being set upon by skeletal warriors cursed with guarding the crypt. Our party again made easy work of the guards and moved inside after setting off a blade trap. Making their way inside they find no abominations, just the cells with the captives and the alter containing the broken link which Aiden takes.

Our party segregates the people from Vintiver with Warden Tarl Dale and the Dalish to opposite ends and begins a negotiation and investigation to both find the truth and pacify the crowd.

Liandren, Eshara and Aiden find keeper Orellis and he tells them that the creature Mythallen was in fact transforming townspeople and the dalish into the revengers that have been doing the attacks. He had overheard the plan that Mythallen would move in full force to attack Vintiver itself.

The party moves quickly arming both peoples with weapons from the blade trap and with the help of two Dalish scouts, they split into humans and elves and make their way towards town.

The elves head back towards the camp and down south to try and breach the eastern gate of town, they come across a pit where revengers have just murdered a woman and were chasing down another with her child. They move quickly and save her and head back into town.

The human party takes a shortcut heading directly into town but are set upon by a giant spider twisted by Mythallen’s power. Easily killing their Dalish scout the party attacks the spider, upon an attack by Aiden who held the broken link, a residual power held only by link boosts Aiden’s power and they make short work of the spider.

The human’s happen into Vintiver first, finding revengers and blood crows by the score assaulting the town, Tarl Dale and Arden Crest move to the inn to help defend the people hiding in it. The humans push towards the center of town where Mythallen itself with a host of revengers leads the attack.

Our elves come in from the east and the battle commences. No matter how many revengers our party slain, more came to take their places. Finally moving in on Mythallen, Eshara is badly burnt, Aiden weakens him with the link, and Karl himself leaps across the fountain and buries his axe into Mythallen’s head, opening it up and light shoots towards the heavens. The revengers scream out in pain and defeat and a ghostly green mist leaves their mouths which gather together and swirls skyward.

Where the creatures once stood are now the people of Vintiver or Dalish elves, some dead or wounded but others simply dazed and looking around.

We leave our party in the midst of victory, XP and gold to be awarded with our next session


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