Start of an age

The Dalish Curse

The Broken Chain could destroy two cultures!

I’ll try to keep this as short and sweet as I can. This is the two sessions condensed into one entry.

We last left our party in the town of Thom. They were waiting for a merchant traveller to perhaps direct them in their investigation of the water wolf.

Upon arriving a full day late the merchants were carrying the unconscious body of a dalish boy who upon being awoken and calmed, revealed himself as Henrish, who was frantically looking for his sister Eshara.

The party realising this might not help them in their quest against this water wolf, they decide to help anyways and head off in the direction the Dalish Youth directed. Leaving Dorrien to catch up and Stendar nursing a hangover.

Upon half a days march they came to a farm, but upon approaching it were set upon by Blight Wolves, a quick battle easily turned in our heroes favor. Dorrien caught up upon the end of the fight.

Our party then searched the farm finding the remains of a family who was killed and torn apart. Searching outwards to a barn they then worked their way inside to find a body of a Dalish woman. Taking her back to the house and healing her wounds, she awoke to tell them her story.

Her clan came to the town of Vintiver during the harvest festival (a wine town), selling wares and performing, all was well until a fight broke out between the local blacksmith and a hunter named Harralan. The fight was stopped by the local Warden (sheriff) Tarl Dale. His pride wounded, Harralan spat curses and left for the forest. Since then both elves from the clan and people from Vintiver have gone missing. Her whole clan was eventually set upon during a night about a week prior to, everyone was taken, upon waking in a cell she saw abominations and was tortured almost continually trying to break her will. She had seen an alter with a broken link of a chain that the creatures almost feared and reverred. And whispers of a name……Mythallen.
Finally one night about 3 days before, her brother and her had managed to slip away while the dalish captives were being brought out for torture. They ran a full day while the blight wolves set upon them, nearing the farm she was separated from her brother Henrish and hid in the barn while the wolves tore through the establishment killing everyone.

The party then decided to make for Vintiver before night set upon them. They made it to the gates and Aiden and Karl brought out Warden Dale to explain all the facts they knew. Seeing reason and considering the mood of the townfolk to the Dalish, snuck our party inside the town and let them stay at the Sheriffs office while they made plans and preparations.

Eshara feeling better joins the party along with Tarl Dale and his deputy Arden Crest.

They sneak out from town during the morning light, and head to the remains of the Dalish camp. They find no real clues but are set upon by Revengers. When the fighting was over and upon searching the bodies of the revengers, our party found clothing remenants of both Dalish and Fereldan design.

They moved to a giant downed tree used as a makeshift bridge and when crossing it were set upon by Blood Crows. After a few harrowing moments our party formed a solid strategy and defeated the majority of the creatures.

The party travels farther north and discover the crypt Eshara escaped from. Moving in and being set upon by skeletal warriors cursed with guarding the crypt. Our party again made easy work of the guards and moved inside after setting off a blade trap. Making their way inside they find no abominations, just the cells with the captives and the alter containing the broken link which Aiden takes.

Our party segregates the people from Vintiver with Warden Tarl Dale and the Dalish to opposite ends and begins a negotiation and investigation to both find the truth and pacify the crowd.

Liandren, Eshara and Aiden find keeper Orellis and he tells them that the creature Mythallen was in fact transforming townspeople and the dalish into the revengers that have been doing the attacks. He had overheard the plan that Mythallen would move in full force to attack Vintiver itself.

The party moves quickly arming both peoples with weapons from the blade trap and with the help of two Dalish scouts, they split into humans and elves and make their way towards town.

The elves head back towards the camp and down south to try and breach the eastern gate of town, they come across a pit where revengers have just murdered a woman and were chasing down another with her child. They move quickly and save her and head back into town.

The human party takes a shortcut heading directly into town but are set upon by a giant spider twisted by Mythallen’s power. Easily killing their Dalish scout the party attacks the spider, upon an attack by Aiden who held the broken link, a residual power held only by link boosts Aiden’s power and they make short work of the spider.

The human’s happen into Vintiver first, finding revengers and blood crows by the score assaulting the town, Tarl Dale and Arden Crest move to the inn to help defend the people hiding in it. The humans push towards the center of town where Mythallen itself with a host of revengers leads the attack.

Our elves come in from the east and the battle commences. No matter how many revengers our party slain, more came to take their places. Finally moving in on Mythallen, Eshara is badly burnt, Aiden weakens him with the link, and Karl himself leaps across the fountain and buries his axe into Mythallen’s head, opening it up and light shoots towards the heavens. The revengers scream out in pain and defeat and a ghostly green mist leaves their mouths which gather together and swirls skyward.

Where the creatures once stood are now the people of Vintiver or Dalish elves, some dead or wounded but others simply dazed and looking around.

We leave our party in the midst of victory, XP and gold to be awarded with our next session


AdamVentress AdamVentress

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