Start of an age

The plot thickens

April 27th

Our adventures awake in the Inn to find Orophin rejoined them in the night. The woman Cindantra was the daughter of a Bann Gregor Ellios he traveled south from Amaranthine to their city where he was awarded gold, favor and a young dog he quickly named Orophin Jr (Orjew).

While the conversation went on they were approached by a Avvarian Fighter named Karl Wulfson. He left his clan, not agreeing with their thieving ways to find the life of adventure his grandfather before him had discovered before settling down.

Just before leaving Sarel is stopped by another Elf pit figther named Arnfrid, he tells Sarel he’s left the figther life to become a merc for Wim (runs the pit fights) and offers him a job, Sarel counters to try and bring Arn into the group to which he declines.

The Party left and investigated the town, discovering that during the fire that killed both Sarel and Aiden’s families, the whole area was looted by many and a lot of items were sold off through the back alleyways.

Upon entering the rebuilt Alienage Aiden comes across a female elf arguing with her family to leave the Alienage. Upon talking to her she reveals herself as Liandren Ellwood, a rogue/scout for her Dalish clan, for reasons she hasn’t revealed yet her whole clan came up and moved into the Alienage after it was rebuilt. Liandren was wary of Aiden’s human nature but, Ryian (the Alienage’s elder and mayor) vouched for him gaining her trust. Let down by the abandonment of her people, she joins the group.

Through many means of investigation our party heads to The Pearl and to contact Jasmine (stripper Lilly) who has many seedy contacts. They arrive to find a surly dwarf tossed out into the mud for touching one of the girls. His name is Stendar and he joins the party strictly to try and get back in and cause a ruckus.

Instead of just BRIBING the guards our party comes up with an elaborate scheme of.

Aiden, Liandren and Sarel start the fight/misdirection to steal some money and get in.
Liandren asks how to join to be a whore.
Karl walks right in and scopes the place out.
Orophin pays 2gp to sleep with two different whores (Orjew is in the room with them).
Stendar waits outside.
Dorrien passes some feats of strength and climbs the building next door, sneaks across the roof and while Orophin is having sex he spots a red headed woman in the next room, he dives through the window and reveals himself, Jasmine says she is in danger and after a whole bunch more of nonsense the inside party moves to follow Jasmine.

Outside Stendar gets impatient and heads down a side alley and is knocked out. Aiden and Sarel head back out front and move to the alleys. They find Stendar in a pile of trash and at the same time Jasmine leads the party out of a semi hidden back door and they are ambushed by a group of Rogues led by Kattrin, Jasmine also rogues up and a battle is underway.

Sparing Jasmine and Kattrin the party question them, Kattrin, under some spell or pill appears to have died frothing at the mouth (she mutters “the water wolf will drown all of Theadus in blood”) while under a bit of torture Jasmine reveals nothing and they left her go. Kattrin was carrying an invoice for goods and a thank you letter with a Crest of a Wolf with three waves above it.

The party splits off, Orophin tails lilly and the rest of the party head back to Inn to restock and recoup. But as it turned out that’s where Lilly went, she made a quick cut through the building to a back alley where the party loses her. Coming back in they spot a circle mage and a few surly groups and begin to question them all, Karl approaches the mage Dimitri and upon discussion he has been studying noble houses tracing back hundreds of years, he may be able to help them, the Bann Lockwood has commissioned him and let him use his personal library while he’s in town. He offers the party passage to the manor to see if they can find answers after swearing an Oath to Karl.

The party arrives at the manor and meets Lockwood who seems friendly enough, but quickly turncoat and Jasmine appears at the top of staircase who then reveals Dimitri as her accomplice (much to Karl’s dismay) and Dimitri reveals himself as a blood mage turning all the nearby guard into abominations. Enter the big bad fight where Dimitri falls back to the back to another area and Jasmine is killed in combat and all the abominations are defeated.



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