Start of an age

Into the darkness

Session 2 starts with our players approaching the cave entrance they come across a Dalish Elf crouched over a bloody woman.

After a conversation and sorting the facts the elf is name Dorrien and he also was seeking revenge after tracking the Avvarian raiders from the Brecilian forest after they raider and killed his whole clan. He seeks to avenge them and reclaim whatever he can from their treasures.

The woman is healed and restored and upon waking she is a frightened woman named Cindantra Ellios.
Orophin volunteers to escort her back to Amaranthine using his skills in scouting to get them back safely.

Dorrien joins the party and they proceed to the cave entrance. Upon inspecting they find a spike trap and Sarel disarms using a swing of his axe. Unfortunately the noise alerts the raiders inside.

Dorrien quickly fashions a trip wire and sets it to the mouth of the cave and the battle ensues.
A few of the raiders are tripped up, a Mabari hound and a few more make it over the wire. The bandit leader slices through the tripwire and a hard fight is at hand.

They search the cave, one chest was unlocked and they found a key for the second in a torch.

3 Lesser healing potions
5 swift missles
2 glowstones
They find a map of trade routes and shortcuts through the eastern part of Ferelden
I think Sarel got a 2 handed axe from the bandit leader
Also from the fight before with the patrol, Aiden received a bird whistle that summons a falcon, but with no training he cannot use it

The party heads back to Amaranthine and come across a merchant named Ted Rammie (cough cough) he hires the party to escort him back to the city and they accept.
He chats them up and they see his wares, he had a selection of books and Aiden recognizes a book his adopted mother was deciphering when she was killed, the cipher was missing though.

Upon returning they meet a Templar simply name Draken, he had heard rumors of an apostate (Aiden) in the area and he was investigated on the authority of the chantry. The players played it cool and he suspected nothing. He did inform them that the port was shut down for an investigation of the Antivian and Orleasian ships, both were stolen from and upon blaming each other a bloody fight broke out, the ships were inspected and it was discovered that the Orleasians were intending to sell lyrim they’ve aquired through unknown means.
The Antivians were discovered to be Crows, the assassins, intended for Highever for a purpose that wasn’t discovered.

They enter town, re equip and stay the night.

Godrik bids them farewell as now that he is finally sober he stays on with Ted’s merchant caravan as they prepare to leave for Highever.
Aiden Catches the falcon to prepare to train it but still doesn’t have the skill necessary to complete it.

They decide to leave and return to denerim.

They do not check up or even locate Orophin so we do not know how he is.

The Players take a route from the map and shave half a day off their journey, on the first night they are assaulted by a black bear, it is killed and Dorrien skins it and takes it with them.

On the second evening they players came to a clearing in the forest where they discover an Genlock leading 4 Ghouls they players ambush and defeat the enemy.

They make it to Denerim and stay at the Noble Inn.



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