Start of an age

A beginning

Our Adventure started, it was Aiden and Sarel investigating the murder of their families when they arrive in Amaranthine. Orophin waited for them by the gate, receiving a letter from his cousin Sarel. Our adventurers head into town and start asking questions,they meet a drunken dwarf named Godrik, he and his brother were merchants when the thieves fell upon them slaughtering everyone in their group and killing Godrik’s brother Duggen. He has been drunk for about two days now.
They head to the docks and Orophin sneaks onto every ship, stealing equipment from the Antivians and Orleasians.

short sword 1 1d63
magus cowl mana 2
dagger +1 1d6
Helm of the Eagle +1 Communication(leadership) +1 Willpower(courage)

They stir up the Ire of the thieves and are attacked in the night, knocking the man out for questioning, they remember the drunken dwarf downstairs still currently drinking.
Godrik follows Orophin up to their room but upon seeing the thief he buries his axe into the culprits heads thereby rendering any questioning useless.
Godrik however does inform them they these men are not the murderers they followed from Denerim but they are Avvarian Raiders, who have been attacking any merchant in the area without discrimination.

Godrik informs the party he knows of the area where they retreated to but dared not attack by himself, he asks the party to accompanying him to the hideout to which the players agree.

They leave Amaranthine and head south east to the rivermouth of the Drakkon river and find a network of passages. They scout each passage and instead of avoiding any fights they dispatched the patrols so as not to be flanked later. Drunken Godrik turns out to be a invaluable asset with his plate mail. The party gets through the passages to a cleft in the hillside leading up to a single cave.



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